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It’s up, it’s finally done and up!  We are so happy to have our new website up and running!  Take a peek!

Seriously, you have to go the actual site HERE and tell me what you think!  …AND because we want to party and celebrate we’re holding a giveaway!  All you have to do is leave a comment here telling us your greatest accomplishment this year, thus far.  It’s open to everyone from fellow industry people to actual brides but I think brides-to-be will go nuts over the prize.

*cue the drums*

It’s the CHERISH with milagro heart from Paloma’s Nest!  So comment away!  Deadline will be set to July 22nd so we can have a winner the 23th, my anniversary weekend!  Hoo-ray, time flies!



  1. Wendy, I LOVE your new site and blog look! One of my greatest accomplishments this year — meeting and networking with so many wonderful event industry peers like you!!

  2. The new site is GORGEOUS!! And I LOVE Paloma's Nest which makes me like it even more. My biggest accomplishment this year is my fiance and I opened a chiropractic practice and we now work for ourselves!!

  3. i love your site!!!! my biggest accomplishment this year is beating breast cancer for the second time and finally getting to plan the wedding of my dreams!
    nicole harper-cyrus (

  4. Wendy, I am leaving a comment strictly to congratulate you on your own accomplishments. I do not want to be included in the gift drawing. I love it when people follow their dreams and make a career out of their passion. Your attention to detail and the dedication in your work speaks for itself. However, only those who posses compasion, love, and are caring can yield a results that carry that special touch. I love your website, and may Allah always bless you. I am proud of you, and I know two very special people who are even more proud, their smiles are shinning down on you. —-Suly

  5. Wow, your new site is BEAUTIFUL, loving the new design. My biggest accomplishment so far this year is quitting smoking. Kinda tore me from the inside out so far, but it's an everyday kind of thing I guess, that is a great giveaway! Paloma's Nest is fab.

  6. Wendy, I am not looking to be entered into the drawing, but I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you. The site looks amazing! From the moment we had Pink Taco together, I knew you were special. So glad I know you. Much love and success to you! As for my greatest accomplishment this year, I'd have to say I have entered a time in my life where I have completely shifted my outlook and have redefined my path in every aspect of my life.

  7. hello!

    love the website. absolutely adorable =)

    my greatest accomplishment this year was graduating from college with honors! now i can finally work and take care of my mom =)

  8. Hi Wendy,

    My greatest accomplishment this year is getting engaged. As simple as that sounds, it's been a VERY busy past 12 months for my fiance and I. We met Feb '09 on two separate vacations while in Mexico, he lived in CA and I lived in WI…not promising! Despite the distance we knew it was meant to be and in September of '09 he packed up his bags and moved to be with me. In October '09 I bought my first house, in November '09 we got our first puppy…then in Feb '10 we got engaged!

    We're getting married on the same day we met at the same resort we met in Mexico. My accomplishment this year is being one step closer to marrying my best friend!

  9. Those nest bowls are way too cute!

    Hmm, my greatest accomplishment is probably work related. I put out a newsletter through work and this year was the first one that I produced all by my lonesome! The writing, the layout…all me! Its a great product that I'm so proud of! And its been a long time in the making, so it feels good to have the first edition done!

  10. wow. gorgeous new site. and what an accomplishment for you this year!

    My biggest accomplishment this year making it through a long unemployment in a rough economy to gain a position that I really enjoy and challenges me, and makes me grow – working in a non profit setting to help people.

  11. Congrats on the new site! I love the bowl!! My greatest accomplishment is staying sane during wedding planning…only 4 months to go 🙂

    gingerbutler_ at

  12. Love the color scheme and very feminine feel of your new site! My biggest accomplishment this year will be graduating with my Doctorate in Audiology in 29 days and getting married in 44 days! (A wedding where this bowl would be a beautiful ring bearer bowl- just sayin')

  13. Wow this is a tough one! It is so hard to take the time and appreciate oneself – thank you for making me think about that! I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment yet this year is working on my work/life balance (I can't say that I've perfected it yet but it has improved). Conscientiousness at the office is important but life is too short to spend 12 hours a day at the office.

  14. Love the site makeover – the scalloped edges and simple menu are great! My biggest accomplishment so far this year has been planning my wedding and learning about how both our families operate. There's a lot of politics involved, and I'm happy to have learned (through trial and error) how to better navigate those waters!

  15. My greatest accomplishment would be getting back into shape. It has been a difficult and long process. Today I was up to running 9.5 miles which I something I have never done. It's great for weight loss and just being a healthier, happier person!

  16. Thanks for sharing your blessings!

    God bless you more abundantly!

    By God's grace, I was able to send my brother to college & this year he graduated. Shortly after, the man I have been praying for proposed which I gladly accepted. I am so grateful to God for His favors & blessings. 🙂

  17. Your new page looks great! I love the Gallery page. 🙂

    My greatest accomplishment has been joining a yoga class and sticking with it since January. It's really given me a new positive outlook on life and I have become a lot healthier.

    kristenrjuchem at hotmail dot com

  18. WOW! Your blog looks great! I LOVE the new look.

    My greatest accomplishment thus far is losing 78 pounds through exercise and new healthy eating habits. I am getting married in 10 months and I for the first time… I feel like a million bucks!

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