Thanksgiving on Skid Row

Happy Monday everyone!  I wanted to share a little project I’ve always wanted to but never got around to.  This year I’m doing it!  Even this time around, I started a bit late, I’ll take what I can get.  I’ve started a page on Go Fund Me where you can read all the details. 

I forgot where I read this tweet, but it talked about America’s new poor being those same people that once donated to food banks.  I thank God I still have food on my plate, am in pretty good heath, and have all the love in the world I can ask for.  In a nutshell, this is what I’ll be doing this Sunday:

“I’m raising money to buy PB J sandwiches, a fruit, and some of sort of drink to hand out the weekend after Thanksgiving to the homeless on skid row.  We’ll be driving all over Downtown LA handing out paper bag lunches to those in need and anything helps!

It’s not a huge event, but I figure as long as we have 500 bags, 500 people will be happy.  I’ve always wanted to do this and although I started late, I have a feeling we’ll get this done!  Every dolla makes a difference!”

Can’t believe in a couple of days, we’ve raised $185!  Friends and family have donated the paper bags and 500 drinks already.  I cannot even explain how happy this makes me.  We also have all the volunteers needed.

We’ll be taking donations up to Friday so you still have time!  Visit our page here and before you go shopping this Black Friday, think about donating even a dollar to help feed someone who is homeless and cold out on the streets of LA.

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