The Wedding Lunch Part I

Last week went by soo fast at The Special Events Conference in Phoenix that I was a little lost this weekend!  I kept thinking it was Thursday or Friday when it was Sunday already!  It was definitely a great experience and I’ve divied up the posts on one of my favorite part of the TSE, The Wedding Luncheon.  Besides having some great cakes and models before you entered the ballroom, we got to hear about Sasha Souza’s favorite wedding items and drool over the The Wedding Gallery curated by some of the best.

So here’s part one!  When you first walked in, you got to see these beautiful cakes!  These were my three favorite.

Then you entered this fabulous looking ballroom set for kings and queens!

Here are a couple details I loved!

 The linens!

These chairs!  There were about ten rows and each rows had a different design, all beautiful!  These next two pictures were my favorite table scapes.  I love the layers!

These tufted vases are to die for!

 Thank to Melissa Jill for the pictures!  More to come later!


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