Theme on Etsy: Steampunk Wedding!

There’s this hard, vintage gooey-ness about steampunk, dontcha think?  Steampunk is a mix of industrial and victorian.

Steampunk inspired:


I wanted to see if Etsy had steampunk inspired items and they of course, delivered!

Garters?  Check!

Via Peterene Design on Etsy

Cake Toppers?  How cute are these?

Via Builder Studio

Cuffs?  Heck yeah!

Via Moda Designs

There’s not that many items because steampunk isn’t mainstream at all!  BUT, can you imagine a wedding with a soft industrial, romantic, victorian feel?  Oh and to top it off I’d totally incorporate some cotton deco like Lauryl Lane  did with one of her recent weddings!  You MUST go check out what she did!  She’s amazing!

So am I way off for liking this?  It’s not fluffy and pink but it’s still rock-ishly romantic!


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