This Week’s Wedding Planner IG Updates

We have some pretty Instagram updates to share from this week!  We apologize it’s been pretty quiet here since wedding season has started full force!  First, we had a cake tasting with our November couple.

I have to say this is has to be one of my favorite cake tastings ever.  A deconstructed cake tasting and see the pretty pinks to the far left?  Best tasting strawberry champagne ever!  Then, we had a shoot with the talented Mimmo of Mimmo and Co. from Canada at the prettiest desert of all, Joshua Tree.  I had gone to the flower market to purchase fleurs to make a bouquet and this time is probably my favorite ever to spend in the flower market!

Gorgeous right?  I can’t wait to share of these bridal session.  Here’s a sneak which does not do its justice!

Nothing compared to what Mimmo captured of course!  Finally we finished with a delicious tasting from Summit Catering at the Park Plaza.  Amazing food and beautiful venue!  Too bad I Instagram all the time and my phone had died by then.  Oh well, a very happy Friday to all you lovelies!



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