Thriftin’ Around…

I’ve always loved going to the flea markets here in Los Angeles.  There’s some in Long Beach, Pasadena, and other places that offer lots of vintage finds.  I have to say though sometimes there are vendors that overprice items in the name of “vintage”.  Well fret no more because I just recently discovered a huge thrift store that I drive by almost every single day!  Once I went in to look for milk glass and vintage books, I was hooked and couldn’t believe how much I’ve been missing out.

I went back yesterday to complete a collection I’m using for a bride that’s renewing her vows in two weeks!  Amazing deals!  We couldn’t find enough milk glass vases so we’re going with some clear vases for some very simple centerpieces.

Like this:


So excited about this place, PLUS they told us they get in stuff everyday!  Wanna know where it’s at?  Shoot me an email!

I also used some of the finds at the Sweet Treat Table for the Backstage Bridal event this past last Sunday.  I’ll definitely put up some pictures once I get them.

Happy thrifting everyone!  Tomorrow we’ll be blogging on this brand new foundation that is making great things happen for couples everywhere in the US!


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