We have one more guest blogger for next week and then we should be up to speed!  I’ll leave this talented duo a surprise…or can you guess?

We just had our last wedding of our season streak and let me say back to back weddings although, awesome are a killer!  In between weddings, we had the Last Minute Bride Launch benefiting Wish Upon a Wedding and that as well was a success!  A million thanks to the photographers who donated a piece and our event sponsors!  Our next wedding is in September and I’m uber excited for this one!  It’s in the Heritage Square Museum and Cool Haus will be present!  Nom!

This is a peak from the wedding 2 Saturdays ago.  Matt Giraud was the surprise had been holding out on the bride!  She’s a big Matt/ John Legend fan!

So many surprises at this wedding.  I can’t wait for pictures!  Oh and I owe this couple a big, fat hug for bringing me Porto’s last Friday.  You guys really know the way to my heart!  xoxo!

Stay tuned for more details from the Last Minute Bride Launch!


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