Wedding Gown Styles

I have a thing for dots but they have to be the right size and the right amount.  One of my favorite gowns with dots is this Christos gown.  Love!

Fun, beachy, and a bit more on the casual side.

This next one is dreamy!

It’s the organza gown from BHLDN.  This one screams outdoor, garden on a summer night. 


This one is a Rosa Clara from 09′ but I remember it was my second favorite next to Amy Michelson’s ‘Lace Up’.  This next one is from her 2012 collection.  Simple but gorgeous.

Via Modamee

Oh Vera knows the way to my heart.  I’m not sure about the headpieces here but the gown on the left is calling my name.

This next one’s a little bit risque because the color is on the darker side but I love the design!

Paired up with blush rose bridesmaids dresses and tulle inspired decor this would definitely work!

Have any favorites?  2012 collections are out and we’re always excited about new trends!

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