Wedding Trends

Towards the end of last year The Knot posted an article on 7 wedding trends they loved.  Out of the 7 trends, these are the ones I love, but will they be out this year?  Don’t think so, not yet!

  • Photobooths! – Either you hire a photobooth company or you make a DIY photobooth, I think this is always FUN!  When there’s downtime, you’re guests will always have something to do.  If there’s not down time, then they’ll still love to take pictures and just imagine the crazy pictures they’ll get!
  • Low, lush centerpieces – I personally dislike tall centerpieces where you can’t see the person sitting across from you!  Plus, I love the look (period).
Image Via The Knot
  • Themed Engagement Shoots! – Oh, this I love!  Only pictures can describe why I love it so much!

Via The Knot

These were my 3 favorite trends that I think will remain through this year!  The others were cake buffets, getaway dresses, turntable DJs, and choreographed dances.  The latter of which I could do without.  Cake buffets and turntable DJs are up there for me but I haven’t seen it become a huge trend.  What are you having at your wedding?

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