Welcome Claudin!

We have a new intern guys!  Here’s a little intro on our newest girl!

Having been born and raised in LA I have been blessed to learn and embrace the beautiful melting pot of different cultures LA is all about. With living in LA it was inevitable I would grow up to love my hometown teams.  So when I’m not at a Dodger game or watching the Lakers run the court I’m taking pictures of the breathtaking SoCal sunsets whether it be while walking on the beach or out on a hike in the Hollywood Hills.

I have always been a creative type of person with a flair for event planning,  but it wasn’t until I helped my sister and best friend with their weddings, as well as helping my parents with their 25th wedding anniversary I finally considered being a wedding planner.  It felt so right. I finally found my calling! My passion in life has always been making a positive impact in people’s lives and what better than for their wedding day.  Going back to school to study wedding planning has been one of the best decision I have recently made. And this is only the beginning of this amazing career.  I can’t wait to share my unique ideas for your Big Day!


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