ETSY Love!

I love ETSY. No, I really love ETSY! Vendors on this site have seriously helped brides by taking the guesswork out of finding incredibly cool wedding favors on any budget. When looking for favors for any occasion, I try to find items that guests will really love and be able to use. Here are just a few of my current faves that can be purchased through ETSY. If you truly love to D.I.Y., you might even try making them yourself!

Adorable birdseed hearts! I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE these favors. They are beautiful, eco-friendly, and completely unique.

ABSINTHE Custom Print

Everyone has their own favorite bottle of inexpensive wine right? You can easily turn it into a gift for your guests by adding a customized label. If your favorite is more than a few dollars, you can keep your budget in control by giving it as a family favor rather than an individual one. Better yet, take advantage of the 5¢ Wine Sale at your local BevMo to stock up!

DivineLionesss’ Shop

As another eco-friendly option, these tiny moss terrariums make adorable favors! There are countless ways you can customize small terrariums with plants, moss, or succulents.

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