MUZEO finds!

A quick recap of my fav. items from the Muzeo event this past Wednesday.

C. Salt Gourmet makes the most awesome brittle ever! If you’re having a dessert bar, this is definitely a must! It’s so delicious! I apologize I didn’t get any pictures! I totally regret it! Especially because the way she had it set up was gorgeous! She had vintage books stacked all over. On top, there were cake stands with the brittle nicely laid out. There was also not just the regular plain ole’ brittle. Can you imagine a a dark cherry peanut brittle! Yum! She had GOAT CHEESE truffles as well. You might think it sounds kind of weird but it’s not! The goat cheese give is it a cheesecake flavor but moussier if you catch my drift. Yum is all I can say!

Now feast your eyes on this bouquet!

Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs makes them! Imagine a vintage-inspired wedding with the books and these brooch bouquets! I can see it come together perfectly!

As you can see these pictures have been taken by Alice Hu, who I met at the event as well! Check out her blog here!


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